Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fluff Head

"If you fill your head with junk, your head will be full of junk."

Had to get away to my retreat because my husband wanted to watch "The War" on PBS and that stuff gets to me. Violence, pain and despair and there's nothing I can do but have nightmares. When I get upset I want to fix it, do something. (I like my news in print because there are fewer explosions (!) and usually a little hope.) It's so pathetic, I even like scary movies that aren't really scary, like "Skeleton Key."

In the late 70's, supernatural was the craze. e.s.p., ufos, horoscopes, in search of... all over the place. It's hard not to believe what you hear when you're a little kid. I wasted so much time on that garbage, all the way into my teens. I wish I'd realized when I was drawing up charts that I just liked math and studied math. What a waste of afterschool hours. And the thought still pops up sometimes, when the phone doesn't work and the car doesn't start and the computer won't boot up: Gee, I wonder if Mercury's in retrograde? Ugh.

I did straighten out, studying science and skepticism and philosophy and literature. When I got married I had almost 900 books. I finally pared it down to... less!

If you learn Tengwar script, Arabic will evoke Tengwar. And if we watch the ghost movie, the plumbing will sound scary.

I'm just trying to raise the kids up to be smart, with skills, and common sense about money and compassion in life...

Becoming christian is important to me. So why when I hear Jesus loves me do I inwardly ask, why? How can that be true??

One day last summer we were going out to lunch, (we eat cheap, my kids eat off the kids menu and I take most of mine home for the homebody husband) and we decided to go somewhere my kids had previously said they didn't like but today it sounded good. We were parking and my little one said, "Listen, I know that voice." Next door to the restaurant was a bike shop and the voice was a lady who was getting bikes ready to go on a mission to Laos. We went up and said hi and found out it would take 3 hours to repair the bike and she had packing to do and no ride home. So we gave her a ride home since we were there.

Superpower of Marginal Utility: (Heard about this in a car ad tonight.) real Time Travel updates!

Mashup I am not going to make: "Into the Mystic" and "Mr. Jones"


Anonymous said...

Can I borrow some books? :)

Tink said...

So very true! I wish I could teach my girls what you have already learned. Good stuff in and you get good stuff in return.